Swim Lessons

At Houston Recreation Management, the safety of your family is always our top priority. Therefore, in addition to quality life guarding and pool management services, we offer swim lessons for all ages. We desire to create a safe and fun aquatic environment by providing first-rate instruction. We hope to make your swimming experience more enjoyable, and in doing so, we will also make our jobs as lifeguards easier. By teaching safety skills and swimming techniques to your neighborhood, we will help lower the risk of aquatic related emergencies.

Our lessons are customized to fit the needs of the families we are instructing. For those students (young people and adults) who have excelled in safety and performance of stokes, we offer instruction in stroke development, placing emphasis on either the competitive sport of swimming or aerobic exercise. Our instructors are all experienced swimmers who give excellent advice on how to improve your stroke so that it is as efficient as possible.

The Houston Recreation Management Swim Lesson Program is an authorized provider of American Red Cross Swim Lessons. While we follow the Red Cross program, we have tailored our Swim Lessons Program to the individual needs of the communities we serve.

Lesson Structure

Five sessions (June, July & August)

Each session is 2 weeks

Sessions are held Tuesday-Friday (some pools have varying days of the week for lessons depending on cleaning day)

Each session consists of 8 thirty minute lessons (for a total of 4 hours of instruction)

Lesson Type / Cost

*A child must be 3+ years of age to participate in any lessons except Parent/Child.*

Semi-Private Lessons $125/student
These lessons are composed of two to four students that have been skill tested and placed in the lesson by the same criteria. Siblings that are different ages and skill levels can participate in the same semi-private lesson if it is more convenient for the parent. In this instance, the instructor spends equal time working one on one with each student.

Private Lessons $200/student
Private lessons are ideal for adult students or children that have very short attention spans. They are also recommended for students desiring to prepare for competitive swimming or feel they need additional instruction on an individual level.

Parent Child Lessons $250/student
At each location there will be a parent/child lesson scheduled for children under the age of three and their parents. The lessons must be registered and paid for in advance and a registration form must be on file. There are an unlimited number of participants in these classes although there can be no more than four children per instructor.

Some associations may require additional administrative fee.

Level Structure

Level One- Introduction to Water Safety
The purpose of this level is to help students feel more comfortable in the water. Basic water safety skills are taught, including; submerging face and head and exhaling underwater, opening eyes underwater and picking up a submerged object, floating on front and back, swimming on front and back using arm and leg actions, jumping into the water from the side of the pool and turning to swim back, basic water safety rules, wearing a life jacket and recognizing a swimmer in distress and getting help. Students are ready to move to level two if they are capable of performing all safety skills and are able to jump into the pool, away from the wall, turn and swim back to the wall and climb our without assistance.

Level Two- Fundamental Aquatic Skills
The purpose of this level is to provide students with basic swimming skills and an introduction to correct stroke technique. Students are taught to submerge their entire head, glide on their front and back, float on their stomach and swim using combined stroke on front and back. They will also be taught additional safety skills, including how to move in water wearing a life jacket and how to tread water. A student is ready to move to level three when they can perform the safety skills from level one and two and they should also be able to jump into the water, swim 5-10 feet away from the wall, turn onto their back, swim 5-10 feet on their back, turn back onto their stomach and swim back to the wall and climb out without any assistance from their instructor.

Level Three- Stroke Development
Level three focuses attention on details of the front crawl and backstroke. This level introduces rotary breathing as well as surface and shallow dive (this skill will be taught only if the depth of the pool allows). Survival skills such as reaching assist and front and back float are also taught, and butterfly and breaststroke are introduced. A student is ready to move to level four when they can jump in from the side of the pool, perform the front crawl stroke correctly for 10 feet, turn and perform the backstroke for 10 feet, and then turn back onto their stomach and swim back to the side of the pool and climb out without assistance.

Level Four- Stroke Improvement
Level four concentrates on improving the front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and begins to advance to the more difficult butterfly stroke. Students are also taught the more advanced stride dive and diving safety skills are strongly emphasized. In addition, students learn the feet-first surface-dive and the throwing assist. A student can advance to level five only after they have mastered all three of the basic strokes and have basic understanding of the butterfly stroke. To master a stroke, a student must be able to swim the full length of the pool without stopping. All students must also be familiar with basic diving skills and all of the safety skills previously taught must be mastered.

Level Five- Stroke Refinement
Level five centers on the specific details in a student’s stroke and refines their ability as a swimmer. Upon completion of level five, students are capable of competitive swimming or lap swim and are thus encouraged to practice distance swimming. Open and flip turns are taught for front crawl and backstroke. Students are taught the standing dive (diving progression), tuck and pike surface dives, and are introduced to rescue breathing techniques. A student is ready to move on to level six when they can successfully complete all of the safety skills from the previous levels and when they can swim fifty yards of each stroke without stopping, using the correct turn at the end of the pool.

Level Six- Swimming and Skill Proficiency
This level refines the strokes so students swim them with ease, efficiency, power, and smoothness over greater distances. There are four different areas that level six students can choose to include in their instruction; personal water safety, fundamentals of diving, lifeguard readiness, and fitness swimming. Because these swimmers are fully capable of swimming for significant distances without assistance, instructors focus on coaching students on their technique and providing new exercises to help the student improve their endurance.

Please feel free to contact the Swim Lesson Coordinator with any additional questions or concerns. (nicolep@h-rec.com)

Note: Registration ends two weeks prior to start of lessons.

Swim Lesson Registration Form