H-Rec employees are paid bi-weekly. If you would like to know your pay periods and check distribution dates please consult your employee handbook.

If you have a question or discrepancy with your payroll please fill out the form below. Please do not call the office to discuss payroll discrepancies unless you were left a message. The office needs time to research the problem before they can answer all of your questions, and come to a conclusion.

Payroll Discrepancy Form

Please fill out this form as soon as possible if you have a payroll discrepancy. Questions pertaining to pay periods over two weeks old will take more than 48 business hours. Once the payroll department has come to their conclusion, they will be more than happy to meet with you to explain the situation, but an appointment must be made.
  • Please specify other type of discrepancy if other is selected above.
  • Please list dates, times and locations (pool) of each shift worked during the pay period.